Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Officetel

Here are pictures of my new apartment in Seoul. My initial reaction to it was "Ah great, this is where I will turn into an insect." But after visiting it again and getting rid of some of the decor that the previous guy left, it actually seems kinda homey.

But my biggest consolation comes from the fact that this officetel is still bigger than Erin's first-year McGill dorm room. BURN!!!!!!

Apartment 4
That's the kitchen on the left upon entering the apartment

Apartment 2
There's the bedroom/living room/dining room/grotto. Notice the fridge in the window?

Apartment 3
That's the bathroom/shower/bath


Laura said...

So wait, this is your apt? Cool! I like how some rooms are fused. Glad you are settling in Korea well. Mom's still bugging me about you. Hehe!

yoosillyness said...

Looks cozy and oh so very Korean! hehe I guess there won't be any crazy house parties there soon. Congrats on the job!

Gap Boo said...

your apt is off the hook!keke