Tuesday, November 27, 2007

First week of work

So I have a job now. It's my second week and I'm learnding sooooo much my head is spinning. But the kids are super-duper cute, and they speak English so very well. Teachers are pretty cool too. Soon, I'll grace you with pictures of my officetel.

Last Thursday and Friday, we took the pre-schoolers and kindergarteners to the fire station. Here are some pictures.





Seriously, the kids are amazing!!!

Here are a couple of bonus pictures for you guys from when Louis was here:

These were taken at the National History Museum.

Day with Hayan and Ah Hae 070 Day with Hayan and Ah Hae 066
Me and Louis, happily married

Korea loves the cardboard cutouts! They're very educational!


Dan said...

Did you get those kids to make that pose or are they just naturals.

I love your Korea adventures Martin.

The Third Quarter Projectionist said...

They are just naturals. I didn't have to ask them to pose like that at all.