Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Up In The Mountains

My cousin took me and my brother to a Buddhist temple in the mountains today. He had to tell his job that "there was a situation" (those were his exact words) and that he couldn't come in.

But it was a very cool place to be. Very calm and very maple leafy. Why? Cause a long time ago some monks planted a few maple trees and people liked the colors they turned in the fall. So the monks, or maybe it was the Korean Forestry Department, planted a zillion more. Now this part of Korea looks like Canada. Peep for yourselfs.

Oh yeah, while we were there, my brother and I kept referring to everything as "Ancient" and "Buddhist". Jerks!

Daejeon 043

They had a cable car that ran up to the summit of one of the 75 mountains surrounding the area. At the top, there was an Ancient Buddhist observation deck that enabled you to see the valley below.

Daejeon 035
That building next to the pond is where the cable car comes from

Daejeon 032
Some mountains and stuff

Daejeon 036
More mountains

After about 10 minutes, we were done exploring the observation deck so we headed back down the cable car (which was packed way over the allowable weight and number of people, but hey, this is Asia) and headed to the actual temple.

This is where we started to be jerks.

Daejeon 049

Daejeon 044

Daejeon 046
Ancient Buddhist Fish Pond

Daejeon 015
Ancient Buddhist Gift Shop

Daejeon 047
Ancient Buddhist Cell Phone Tower

There was a part of the temple that was closed off to the public because it was the monks' housing. But we took a picture of it anyways, cause we're tall. Also, it was cool to see the domestic side of the temple.

Daejeon 058
Monks do laundry too!

k, goodnight.


Anonymous said...

J'adore l'Ancienne Tour Cellulaire Boudiste. Je vais en commander pour mettre dans nos municipalités difficiles... genre Hamsptead.

- Jo

grafix said...

thank god the monks had ancient internet for you to post this!

Gabriel J Allison said...

Glad to see your enjoying your week off. We miss having you around the office!...sure you don't want to come back and teach 1-C??