Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gangnam! Louis' Last Day

Whenever a new business opens in Korea, the owner's friends always send good wishes by the use of over the top flower arrangements.

Louis' Last Day in Korea 001
Good Luck, Louis!


In the military, if you have artistic talent, you can draw something on the side of the walls and in return, you'll get a three-week vacation. So guys who've gone to art school sign up for this and make cute drawings of harmless-looking anthropomorphic animals right next to heavy ordinance.

Louis' Last Day in Korea 002
You can't see, but there are artillery guns behind that wall, for serious!


We stopped by our uncle's house before meeting up with our cousin's children. Our uncle lives at Namtaeryung metro stop. Namtaeryung has lotsa stairs.

Louis' Last Day in Korea 007


Then we met up with our cousin's children in Gangnam at a swanky Italian restaurant. It was a really, really good meal. And for desert, bread with honey and ice cream 30 feet away at another place.

Louis' Last Day in Korea 019

That's it!

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