Sunday, November 18, 2007

Day with our cousins

Hey, my brother and I spend some quality time with our cousins. Weird thing is they lived in Montreal for several years and we never spend this much time there...

Anyways, here are the goods:

We started the day with a hot bowl of 설렁탕 (seolleongtang).

Day with Hayan and Ah Hae 006
No dogs in this soup, only awesomeness

Then we went to 청계천 (Cheonggyecheon) which used to be a stream that ran through Seoul, then was an elevated highway, and is now a stream again.

Day with Hayan and Ah Hae 012
Louis is actually dancing

Day with Hayan and Ah Hae 019

At the top where the stream starts they had this strange display of famous buildings covered in clementines.

Day with Hayan and Ah Hae 028
"Give me your sweet, your tangy, your orange masses yearning to taste so good"

Then we walked over to the Seoul Museum of History, passing by the Admrial Yi watching over the people.

Day with Hayan and Ah Hae 031
If you jaywalk, he will cut you

At the museum, they had this "science" exhibit. I say "science" cause it was mostly about space and astronomy. And it was really, really nerdy (with formulas and all), like way over our heads, and not interactive enough for my liking. But they had this sweet contraption that Louis immediately recognized as a hydrogen laser (I think). What a nerd!

Day with Hayan and Ah Hae 049

Then we went to the actual history part of the museum which totally rocked. Except we weren't allowed to take pictures. But screw that we took pictures anyways. Korea's all about breaking rules, and if you get caught, they just politely tell you not to do the thing you're not allowed to do.

Day with Hayan and Ah Hae 085

Day with Hayan and Ah Hae 084
Royal Seal?!?!...more like Royal Turtle

After the museum, we headed to Myeong-Dong. There was a Lotte department store decorated in the traditional Christmas colors. Check it out.

Day with Hayan and Ah Hae 128

Day with Hayan and Ah Hae 126

Day with Hayan and Ah Hae 140

Lastly, we ate Shabushabu. Rolls right off the tongue doesn't it? Shabushabu.

Day with Hayan and Ah Hae 151


grafix said...

holy shit, that oranges thing is genius. i would love to see that on the real deal.

The Third Quarter Projectionist said...

Yeah, they also had the Sphinx, the Eiffel Tower and a pyramid among other things.