Saturday, December 1, 2007

Korean "Winter"

How's my peoples in Canada hanging? You cold yet, suckas?

This is a picture I took on Thursday at lunch.

work 001

Yeah, so apart from that one day where it snowed (which happened to be the same day I decided to move from Uijeongbu to Seoul), I haven't seen any of the white stuff.

Yesterday was the work party for November birthdays. Here comes more pictures of kids.

work 008

work 009

work 013

work 021
Those kids with the paper crowns had "Happy Birthday" written on them.

Sorry, no jokes today.


Dan said...

We are cold. I saw a story today saying that this is going to be the longest, coldest winter in about thirteen years.

When's the field trip to Pyongyang? You can take in a parade, honor the great leader and horn in on their grass eating.

grafix said...

it just snowed here this morning. this makes biking around living hell.

The Third Quarter Projectionist said...

Hey, I think there's a tour company that'll take foreigners to Pyongyang. But something about that whole arrangement seems fishy to me.

Dan said...

Is it cause they bind your hands and make you wear a blindfold? That's just the custom in North Korea, Martin. Stop being so suspicious all the time and just dive in.