Monday, December 3, 2007


Check it out!! I found poutine in Korea!!!

Vive le Quebec! What's up, quoi?!?!

Yeeeeeah!!! Representin' $-Treal!!!!!

The goods

Okay, okay, the cheese was grated and didn't come in curds. You purists can moan all you want. But when you come here to the other side of the world, you can make it the "right" way. I happen to prefer it with shredded cheese anyways.

By the way, this was at a joint called the Rocky Mountain Tavern in Itaewon (Itaewon = foreignertown). The place was soooo Canadian. They played a rerun of a hockey game on the jumbo screen.


grafix said...

i had poutine at this cheezy place here called irish times, with blue cheese and bacon that was called irish poutine. for 9 bucks, it was average. poutine is truly universal!

Laura said...


yoosillyness said...

I love the bowl (뚝배기, I think)that they put it in. It makes it more Korean. hehe

Gabriel J Allison said...

Yo martin been doing my best to keep up with the blog...some of the kids at your school like kind of insane..I doubt they can be worse than the 1-C kids though!

Looks like your doing well and I hope we can get together soon