Saturday, October 27, 2007

What's up dog?


This is Ching-Koo (칭구), he is the family dog. I don't know what breed he is. If I had to guess, I'd say white. I call him Chink for short (don't worry, no one knows that's a derogatory term here). He dresses better than I do and likes to sneak into my room steal a dirty sock, take it elsewhere in the apartment, and lie down next to it. Whenever I come home, he barks incessantly and will not stop until either my aunt or uncle shuts him up. I just recently found out that I can get him to stop barking if I throw him one of my dirty socks. He's also pretty cute so he gets away with a lot of the stuff that he does. One day he'll make a great meal (JUST KIDDING!!!! - People do eat dog in Korea, just not their pets)

Ching-Koo With My Sock


Laura said...

You know Inhee thinks that's her little brother! She also likes it when we call her Kimnee. It's her nickname given by Ahhae

Anonymous said...

that dog is so cute!!!