Monday, October 15, 2007

Update on the job front/My first class

So I turned down the Daejeon offer and I am back to waiting for something in Seoul. I gotta send out more CVs.

In other news, I got some temporary sub work yesterday and taught my first few classes. Let's see, the first one was three kindergarten kids who said I looked Japanese, and would laugh whenever I spoke Korean (they didn't speak/understand much English so I had to resort to Korean to splain things). My Second class was with three adorable 8-year-old girls who would also laugh at my Korean. But they were cooler and easier to get along with than the younger kids. We read a couple of texts together about fainting goats and otters so I showed them a couple of Youtube videos. They seemed to enjoy that. The student for my third class didn't show up. And for my last class, I had a really talkative and brilliant kid named Nick.

The 40-minute classes go by extremely quickly.

Here are some pictures:
Mr. Pizza Has Love for Women
Mr. Pizza has love for women? Ummm...That's nice to know.

Metchingkoff Life
This thing tastes like peanut-butter flavored YOP! It ain't that bad. Here's the Wikipedia entry for Metchnikoff. Just read the last paragraph for the relationship between this Russian man and this not-Russian drink. The Internet solves yet another mystery!

Cruelest thing ever in Korea. 7-11s without Slurpees.

P.S. I want to wish my dad (who doesn't read this blog) a happy 69th birthday.
Me and Appa


Gap Boo said...

Mr.Pizza...Love for women...I wonder how that pizza tastes like...hahahaha

grafix said...

mr pizza sounds like a pretty smooth operator. also, wish your dad a happy birthday. and give him a big ass 'jiiiiiaaaaaaaannnnnnnngggggg' for me.

Laura said...

You'll be alright with the whole job situation. Dad looks so tiny next to you.

The Third Quarter Projectionist said...

That's cause he IS tiny. And I am a giant of a man.

djdavincicode said...

like Korean school kids I can't get enough of the fainting goats either.