Saturday, October 20, 2007

Music soothes the savage beast.

Okay, sorry to veer off the Korea topic a bit, but I can't not talk about this. There has been a recent string of online videos of people performing off key music to hilarious results. I thought I'd share. And by string I meant two.

And this doesn't just happen to amateurs in beauty pageants from years ago, it happens to Van Halen too.

The funny part about the VH video is the backing music is in a non-musical key, so no matter how hard Eddie tries to transpose, it's not going to work.

The moral of the story here is public off-key performances are funny.


Barbara said...

ahhhh, too funny....It's amazing how well they charge on. She with her amazing side show of antics and toe-tapping, and Van Halen with his unbelievable microphone riding...ahahaha :)

The Third Quarter Projectionist said...

That's professionalism!

Laura said...

I wonder what the girl from the pageant is doing right now and if she is emotionally scarred by her performance. Gotta give her respect for her "professionalism". Nope!