Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Korea - part 2 of a billion

What should the second installment be about? Will it be about how insane traffic and driving is here? How about how the national trend of of boys dressing up and looking more and more like girls? Maybe I'll talk about the Engrish things I've seen, or I'll introduce you (selfish white people) to Conglish. I don't have too much photographic evidence of any of that so I'll talk about drinking. Basically, I've been hanging out with my retirement-age uncle (who I'm staying with) and his friends. How it works is you go to a butcher and pick up some Three-kinds-of-fat or some other type of meat and then you head over to a Sool-jib (Drinking establishment). Then you eat, drink Soju (Korean Rice Wine) and be merry for a few hours and go home. And the butcher drinks with you.

There a also a whole bunch of etiquette rules to learn, but I won't bore you with those. Instead here's a bunch of pictures of old Korean men.

Did I mention that Old Korean Men are awesomely hilarious! No? Well, while I was there they were just ragging on each others English Skillz. Too Funny.

Korea 002
The Meat!

Korea 004
That's the Butcher on the right getting served.

Korea 005
More Old Korean Men. These are the guys who cheer the loudest when Korea wins in an international event.

Also, my cousin did a stint as a riot cop a few years back. He still has has gear.

Riot Gear 2

Riot Gear
Eat Wood Hippie!


Gap Boo said...

Asian RoboCop!hahaha

Laura said...

omg!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha!!!!

yoosillyness said...

I'm wondering who took that picture of you. haha

The Third Quarter Projectionist said...

My cousin did, right before I split his hippie head open.

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coolca1028 said...