Saturday, October 6, 2007

Korea - Fashions

Hello again for yet another installment of the "Korea is different than North America" Series.

Today, we'll deal with the topic of fashion. Now I'm no expert but I know what I like and what I don't. Most of what I see here in Korea falls in the latter category. I'll just throw up a couple of pictures and discuss, cause words cannot describe what's going on.

Fig. 1
Shiny Suit
It's fashionable to dress up like a turnstile

I see three or four of these every time I step out, ranging from subtle sheen to light amplifying shine. Either these guys stopped paying attention to the passage of time after they saw Puff Daddy and Ma$e on TV, or they're too frugal to update their wardrobe, or worse yet, they think this outfit is still fashionable. I don't know, maybe it is. Maybe these guys are on some plane of fashion that I can't even begin to comprehend: The Simulated Brushed Metal plane.

Fig. 2
Korean Boys
20 Million Won-hairs to the person who guesses correctly which one of these two spends more time in front of a mirror

I don't even know where to begin with this one. Lame shoes? Super high upturned pantlegs? No socks? Index finger ring? The purse??? Is this a case of many wrongs making a right? No it isn't. This get up is typical of Korean males. Actually, this guy is a pretty tame example of boys dressing up like girls/clowns. I went bowling last weekend and there was a guy wearing 3/4 sleeved black shirt with white polka dots. Gross. Someone needs find out where the discarded clown outfit store is and shut that place down.

Also, Chuck Taylors are everywhere. Seriously, everyone under the age of 27 is rocking a pair of Chucks, preferably white. Either that or Sandals. Never have I seen such a high concentration of Sandals and socks as in Seoul. Basically, if you're a high-school kid and you're coming home you're either wearing Converse or Sandals (with socks).

If you're an older lady partaking in any sort of activity under the sun, you cannot go without a visor cap, with the emphasis on visor. Remember a couple of years ago when fratboys used to rock visors?

Well I guess Korean ladies picked up on this and took it to the next logical step and blew up that palette to block out the sun and the rest of the solar system.

And the logical step after that.

The Prada of the Visor Caps

This one's good if you're going to sell produce on the street, pick some herbs off the sides of roads, or if you're in the mood to do some spot welding or space travel.


Anonymous said...

ROTFL. Hilarious, but so true - when I was in Korea in the spring, saw tons of these Darth-Vader-like visors. Crazy!

Gap Boo said...

I LOVE THOSE VISORS!!!!! hahahaha

Laura said...

Just promise me you won't buy a purse for yourself.

The Third Quarter Projectionist said...

That's actually kinda funny Laura. I recently needed to buy a bag and Inkwan took me shopping. All they had for sale there were purses. For guys and girls. I saw one bag that I would consider buying and it cost something like $200. No thanks! I went to Itaewon (where foreigners shop) and got one that I liked and use everyday.