Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Not much to say about the week. Lot's of walking, lot's of (early) drinking. Hotel parties and such. It's a shame we found out how great of a street Commercial Drive is on the last night there.

Nice place this Vancouver...

Floor Is Lava Pizza Party (I'm in the middle of a chew).


Hartley doing some night exercises.


We went to the Cambie. It was loud and crowded.


We like quiet places better. It's more condusive to face grabbing. Oh yeah, the music here was ridiculous. We'd ask the DJ for a pretty popular song, he'd tell us he didn't have it and propose a lesser known song by the same artist. We called him DJ B-Side.


We went to the Vancouver Aquarium (home of the hand-holding otters of Youtube fame) where we proceeded to insult all the fish. Matt was pissed off at them for being fish and ugly. He kept yelling at them to "Get a job".


We also went to the Vancouver History Museum. They had an exhibit on Hippies that really pissed Matt off. He don't like hippies. Here I am dressed up in their pot-smelling clothes.


This is how angry he was


Rest of the photos are here

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