Friday, September 21, 2007

LA - Disneyland

Disneyland (2)

Disneyland was fun. We got there on possibly the slowest day ever.

No lines for the rides + plenty of space to walk around + no screeching children = Best Disney Experience Ever.

Apparently on regular days, you're lucky if you get on four rides the lines are so insane. You'll spend the day there and most of it will be wasted waiting in line under the blazing sun. Not so today. We did ALL the open rides. It was probably the most efficient and productive visit to Disneyland ever.

Space Mountain 3

Giant Sun

Insanest Ride Ever 5
It's A Small World.

From Little Land of Duff. Dead-on parody of It's a Small World, complete with insipid repetitve song:

"Duff beer for me,
Duff beer for you,
I'll have a Duff,
You have one too"
This scene contains the most accurate Disneyland reference ever!

Bart: "I want to get off!!"

Selma: "You can't get off! We still have 5 continents to visit!"

It's really crazy like that. I didn't count but I think the Disney ride definitely had more than six areas because first you visit each continent (I believe there are some made up ones thrown in there on top of the real ones), then they mash up the continents you JUST visited, then, mercifully, you get the grand finale. It's actually the longest ride on the park clocking in at around ten minutes, but it feels more like infinity. I was sort of tempted to drink the water, but remembering how accurate the rest of the parody was, I wasn't taking any chances of going through this:

Watch the following video at your own risk!!!

Here`s a palette cleanser for those who did watch the above video.

This pose is a reference to this xkcd comic. Unfortunately, I didn`t have a chess set, nor was I willing to glue the pieces down and sneak the whole thing into the ride.

Walt, Mickey, Mart & Emily

Rest of the photos here.

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