Thursday, September 6, 2007

Team Fireball Wedding. September 1st, 2007

Okay fellas. This is the reason why we came out here! Feast your eyes on the Fireball Wedding of the YEAR!

The Happy Bride and Groom

Step Off!

The East Coast Boys

Dates, dates, dates!

Danielle & Matt

Bouquet Toss

It was a beautiful wedding. Thanks to Leanne and Duncan for letting us be there.

More pictures can be seen here, or the Team Fireball Wedding Flickr Page

P.S. The whole time we were in Victoria, Danielle wanted to go whale watching. The thing about that is it`s really expensive and there`s a 80% chance you`re going to see whales. So we decided against it, but I will leave you with an amazing anecdote. If you`re unlucky you`ll come away without having seen a whale. If you`re extremely lucky, you`ll actually see a whale feeding on a sea lion. However, there`s this one story about one excursion that had a sea lion jump up on the back of the boat to escape an orca. The passengers were startled and started wailing on the sea lion with their fists and punched it back into the water where it was promptly eaten up.


yoosillyness said...

aww~ it looks like you guys had so much fun. Duncan and his wife look good too! All y'all reunited!!

robyn said...

i think i need to be superimposed into those pictures. i was thinking of duncan and leanne and all you guys that entire week. i was certainly there in spirit!


ps tino, you look extremely handsome. nice coordination on the shoes and tie.