Thursday, September 20, 2007


Keith is a cool dude. He also happens to be an amazing graphic designer, talented artist, t-shirt maker extraordinaire, and generally nice guy. He also makes a pretty mean and tasty breakfast. He once made me a scrambled-egg diorama of Spiderman fighting the Sinister Six. He actually used green food colouring for Scorpion and Doctor Octopus. He's a madman.

Here's a sampling of his work:
Team Fireball Wedding Photo

Which is a take on the real Spiderman wedding cover:
Team Fireball Wedding Photo

Told you he was a madman.

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yoosillyness said...

He is a madman!! hehe He's so good!!
You're already in Korea? Did you go to Cali? How is it? Culture shock yet? Are they making you drink the tomato juice every morning? Where in Korea are you now?Miss you!