Tuesday, January 22, 2008

True Story - Pics

We have a writing book for the kindergarten kids. In it, there are some story sequencing exercises that consist of two pictures (with lines next to them for writing sentences), and a panel for a third picture and sentence. The point of the exercise is to write a short blurb for the first two pics and complete the sequence by drawing the last panel and writing the last sentence.

In this morning's exercise, the first panel had a picture of a lone ant trying to roll a ball of dirt up an anthill. The second panel had a picture of four ants rolling the ball of dirt up the anthill, and the last panel was blank.

There's a girl in my class who's pretty much one of the smartest girls ever. She's about five and pretty well behaved. For her first sentence, she wrote "The ant rolled the pooh pooh". Next to the second picture she wrote: "Then ant's family helped her to roll the pooh pooh." And for the last panel she drew the ants sharing a meal together and wrote: "The ant family was very, very happy then they ate a happy dinner".

As I was correcting, I was somewhat perplexed because she didn't specify what they ate together. So I asked her: "Are they eating the poop?"

This little girl looks at me dead in the eye and a tiny smile creeps on her face and she says: "yeah".

Sequencing 1

Sequencing 2

Sequencing 3


Laura said...

This story is sssoooo cute and a little disturbing at the same time!!

grafix said...

dude, get a picture of that one.

Dan said...

Kids are hilarious. Are most days this entertaining?

Gap Boo said...

Hahaha This is way too funny~!