Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Truck-Chicken - Now with more pictures!!!

What's up?

I just finished dinner and now I'm blogging again. Bringing you the latest news about what I'm doing in Korea for all you curious cats.

Big news: I had chicken for dinner tonight!!!!

Rotisserie Chicken
Mmmmmm...chicken necks!

Okay, okay. I know what you're saying: "Big deal, I eat chicken all the time." and you'd be right. You do eat chicken all the time.

But is your chicken roasted in the back of a truck??? Is it stuffed with rice and ginseng and beans? Does your WHOLE chicken set your back $6? Is there a two for $10 deal where you live?

Truck Chicken
The "Front" of the truck

Truck Chicken
Deals, deals, deals

Truck Chicken
There's the chicken. I told ya it was from the back of a truck

My guess is your answer to all the above questions is "No, man. No."

And this is where my chicken is different than yours.


Dan said...

Your chicken is definitely better than ours but I still can't get over the 4 cent ice cream bowls in Cuba. Have you taken down a 2 for 10 in one sitting yet?

The Third Quarter Projectionist said...

Nope. Not yet.

dan said...

I found a place in Portuguese town that sells roasted chickens for $6. Unfortunately no two for $10, no stuffing and no truck. We're getting closer though. My eyes are peeled.

Solnae said...

wow... so that truck carried that huge furnace of chicken roast all the time? that thing looks huge!!!
it's like nothing i've seen until now!!!!
2 for mahn won... sounds like a sweet deal to me!!!
we miss you A LOT! martin!

Laura said...