Monday, January 7, 2008

Scooter Oven Mitts

Hey guys,

Remember the go-anywhere scooters I mentioned? They're used as a cheap form of transportation and the exclusive vehicle of choice for the delivery guy?

Yeah, of course you do.

But I forgot to mention that riding two-wheeled, non-encased for ease for protection against the elements, ride on the sidewalk, machines is a year-long thing for people here in Korea. What I'm trying to say with that convoluted sentence is that, there mere fact that it's winter doesn't stop people here from riding scooters. They just dress up in snow suits to do it. They need to protect themselves from the wind you know?

But! This is a big but. What about their hands? Wearing winter gloves doesn't work with working the handlebars. Mittens certainly will get in the way? So how do you keep your hands toasty when your speeding down the sidewalk at 20kms/hours (sometimes way faster) and you can't wears gloves?

Check this out!

Motorcycle Oven Mitts

These things remind me of an olde-timey catchers mitt. In the "winter" here every scooter has these. They're like winter tires back home. Also I put "winter" in quotes because here winter consists of temperatures that hover around 0, 0 centimeters of snow, and zero wind. Anyways, back to the oven mitts.

Yeah so it's totally a case of function over form, but in the picture above the oven mitts were the fanciest ones I've seen ever. I think they're from fake Korean Gucci or something.