Saturday, January 5, 2008


When I was planning on coming here to Korea, I had crazy visions of multicolored sneakers. I thought I'd have a whole mess of sneaker stores and Asia exclusives to choose from to supplement my collection back home.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

Korea has probably the weakest sneaker game in the world. Don't get me wrong, there are some pretty fresh kicks, but they are too few and far between. And there's only one spot in the whole country where you can get SBs. There just isn't the variety you'd come to expect from an Asian country. Plus, everyone just wears Chuck Taylors anyways. I've only seen a handful of Jordans. I think I've only seen two Koreans with New Balances. I'm probably the only person in the country with Super Team 33 Stingrays.

The Jordan Threes

This shoe didn't kill the Crocodile Hunter, I swear.

So, if I really wanted to get some sneakers, I'd have to go to Japan or Hong Kong or something.

You know what though? I think this could work to my advantage. So far, in the almost three months I've been here, I don't think there was a single instance when I went out and didn't get my feet stepped on. Koreans don't understand what a no-no it is to step on my feet. This one time, as I was stepping off the subway a lady was getting on. Now understand that I was the only person getting off and she was the only person getting on. You'd think there would be PLENTY of space for us to avoid each other, but no. You know what she did? She stepped on my SBs! Right on the toebox (front part)! And she was on the phone and it's perfectly okay to do this so she didn't even bother to apologize for messing up my beautiful shoes. Man I could have punched her in the ovaries. But I didn't. She was lucky I'm a righteous black man, otherwise she'd be in serious trouble man. SERIOUS!!!

All this to say, that while I'm here. I don't think my grandiose plans for sneakers will come to fruition. It's too hard/expensive to get the sneakers I want and even if I do get them, there's no way I can enjoy them here without getting them broke.


Dan said...

Tell them to move back to Massachusetts.

Keep the posts coming Martin. I hope all is well in Korea.

Laura said...

Please, please try not to punch anyone anywhere! haha!!! Sorry your sneaker dream was not realized in Korea... ok, bye!

grafix said...

you should boycott her fat pasta ass

yoosillyness said...

Wait till we get there and maybe we can attack Japan together with your shoe fetish! hehe