Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How are you doing strangers?

Hello. Been a while.

Yeah, things have been kinda hectic for a minute. Been working 12-13-14 hours a day and putting some time in on weekends. BUT, we got some new teachers so things should be cooling out for a bit. Anyways, so what's new with me. Nothing much. New apartment. More time now, which is why I'm writing here.

The two kindergarten classes I've been teaching have graduated and gone to elementary school. This just means I see them later in the afternoon instead of in the morning. But I'm saddened because my favorite students are too smart for this school and have gone to the ultra-turbo smart school. I'll miss them very much, but thanks to the technology of digital cameras, here they are. The first and last pictures are the ones that have gone on to bigger and better things.

That's Alice. On my first day of teaching, she wrote me a note reassuring me that I was doing a good job. She has been my all time favorite since then.

Another teacher drew that picture for a science class. I gave Kelly my glasses and told her to stand there. Also, whenever I see Kelly, I cup her face in my hands and yell "roundface" at her. It's all in good fun.

Colette and Karley

Evan and Jeremy

The gang

Ricky looked like a little Muslim with his bow tie.



Dan said...

Ricky looks like Elijah Mohammed!

Did you save that note from Alice? Getting a note like that would give me a smile for a month - at least.

The Third Quarter Projectionist said...

She wrote that note in her writing book. I gave her a lot of stars instead. I have other notes from her that I saved.

Gabriel J Allison said...

hey glad to see you finally updated...we still need to grab a drink sometime, lol. Wish mokdong wasn't so far...

grafix said...

martin, bring all these kids back here please. we need more cuters over here.

Dan said...

where are the pictures of your new place????

Anonymous said...

roundface is so cute!!!
awwww martinnnnnnnnnn
more pictures!!!

Gabriel J Allison said...

Hey why don't you update your blog more than once every 5 years...its about the get nixed from my favorites