Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back to the Future!!!

Hi guys,

It's me. Yes, yes. I know. I haven't updated my blog in a looong time. "Why not??!?", you ask? Because of two main reasons: I got lazy and ran out of things to write about, and I decided to spend my time with other human beings rather than sit here in front of a computer for hours writing 10 lines of text. I guess that's three reasons.

So what am I doing back here? Well some of you actually came to Korea to yell at me to start writing again. If you really wanted me to keep writing stuff, then you should have...never mind. You guys did travel across the world.

What's been happening here? Nothing much, things have settled into kind of a routine. My contract with the school ended last December. I traveled a bit. Did some odd jobs here and there. Nothing really exciting. Anyways, I'll start to slowly write stuff here and let's see what happens. okay?

In the meantime (Spacehog reference anyone?), let's try to keep the peace okay?

1 comment:

Laura said...

You blogging is considered rare! Glad you did anyway! Keep it up or I'll have to go there and yell at you!