Sunday, June 22, 2008

Random stuff...


Here are some pictures with commentary...maybe.

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This is where I live. In Korean it's called the Hiberis building, which might be some sort of flower (Laura, can you confirm or deny that?). However, since Korean is a special language, you can get funny results trying to spell English words with Korean letters. For example, the name of my building when spelled out phonetically from the Korean characters actually breaks down like this: Ha-ee-bae-ra-seu. You can reform the syllables any which way you like. My favorite is "High, Bare Ass".


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That's right! McDonald's delivers. I don't know what to say except that in 10 years, Seoul will catch up to Houston (or wherever) as fattest city in the United States. Also, the McDonald's people here are just plain lazy when it comes to naming new features in the restaurant. For instance, the "drive-thru" here is called a "McDrive". And the delivery service is of course called "McDelivery".


We went on a field trip to KBS studios last Friday with the kindergarten students. Here are some pictures:

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Ida and Nick. Nick looks tired.

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They had this fake news desk where the kids could read off of the teleprompter. Daniel totally froze when he got in front of the camera. He had a look of complete and utter terror when he got up there.

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It was an extremely hot day, so a lot of the kids brought their own personal "Hello Kitty" fans. Naturally, some kid's hair HAS to get tangled up in the fan.


Here's a inadvertent haiku written by a 5 year-old.

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Laura said...

I deny it. Thanks for the new post though!

coolca1028 said...

man... i miss korea... cant wait till i go there in the next 2 years.